“An old-time cowboy used to always say, ‘It’s a helluva life if you don’t weaken,’ and you know, I always believed that,” says Matt. 


The 38 year old western songster was born and raised in Wyoming and has been writing and playing his music for over 20 years. “I started making homemade tapes and then CDs. I’d duplicate a whole stack of them and pass them around at rodeos…” 


By the time Matt had recorded his first album, ‘The Old Roan Horse’ in 2008,  he had married and moved to Alberta, Canada. Riding pasture, ranch work, starting colts, shoeing horses and competing in ranch rodeos kept him close to the western culture he loves.


“‘The Voice’ was a huge album for me. During the recording process I learned a lot and it gave me confidence to improve.” This album was released in 2012 and it gained Matt  traction in the western community and beyond. In 2014 he lost his wife of 7 years and had to regroup. 


“Thats’s where the quote comes to mind. We’ve all lost loved ones, but someone that young and that close to you is a real tough one. It made me realize how short and precious life can be. If we get caught up on all the details and forget to enjoy life, how can we inspire and contribute to those around us?”


In 2016 Matt released ‘Makin’ History,’ and took to the road doing small shows and getting onstage wherever he could. The song ‘Frigid, High and Lonesome,’ from the album won the 2017 Pure Cowboy Song at the Western Music Association awards in Albequerque, NM.


Matt lives near Lomond, Alberta with his girlfriend Paige, where he works the summertime for Lomond Grazing Association riding 64,000 acres. After all the cows were shipped in October, he recorded his latest album, ‘Just Cowboyin’ which is scheduled to be released before his debut at the 2018 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV.